Avensys Home Cinema
Enjoy the ultimate cinema experience in your own home

Nothing beats the viewing pleasure of a dedicated, private cinema in your own home. Start the film when you want. Pause it when you want. All with your family and friends, in the quality that the director intended.

Our bespoke cinemas are designed just for you: a unique, tailored look and feel combining upholstery, tiered seating, starlight ceilings, coloured lighting and the ultimate in movie servers – your cinema will be one-of-a-kind to match your requirements and budget.

Avensys cinemas are built to full Dolby Atmos & DTS.X specifications, with the latest UHD 4K HDR projection for the ultimate experience.  They are acoustically treated to ensure that the physical dimensions of the room, the seating materials, wall coverings, flooring materials have minimal impact on the performance of the audio system, which is then calibrated to compensate for issues that cannot be resolved by treatments.

From a cosy two seat cinema up to rows of seats for all your family and friends, anything is possible.