Smart Home
Smart Homes combine intelligently controlled lighting, heating & security.

A Smart Home is a home where all the elements work together to make life simple. Lighting, heating, music and television that just work how you want them to, when you want them to, with no fuss and bother.

Lighting in a Smart Home works best when automated, or with simple rules applied:

  • Outside lights can come on at dusk every day of the year and go off at midnight.
  • If you get up in the middle of night a rule can say that the lights come on at 25% brightness – no more shielding your eyes, being half-blinded and waking other people up
  • Holiday mode turns lights on and off to make your home look occupied
  • If you come home after dark the lights can all come on together, lighting your way to the kitchen
  • Dim the lights when your movies start playing and turn them back on if you stop or pause the movie

Thanks to British Gas and Google most people are familiar with Hive and Nest: heating should be controllable for the whole home, but also individually for each room, allowing you to get the environment exactly how you want it. Not using the spare room? Have heating set itself to 15 to keep the chill out and boost it quickly and easily when you need to use it. A good heating control system can adapt to the way you live, making it simple to change schedules so you don’t heat an empty house – only heat it when you are home. And if it’s really chilly you can have the heating set so it’s warm just when you arrive home after work

No more rude awakenings from your alarm clock – you can be woken gently in the mornings with your lights slowly increasing up in brightness over 20 minutes and the radio, tv or music slowly getting louder to gently ease you in to your day. Music Listen to your music, playlists or radio anywhere and everywhere in your home: from radio in the kitchen to true hi-fidelity audio in the living room, not forgetting party mode where the same music is played seamlessly throughout your home.

Free your TV from the living room: you can watch whatever you want, wherever you want And even change your mind half-way through: start watching a recording in the living room and continue watching it in the kitchen. Remove clutter from your rooms: no more messy equipment and cables under the TV. Just a single remote control for the room that controls everything: the TV, Sky or Cable, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, Blu-Ray player. Or just use the single app on your phone or tablet to control everything. Including the lights, heating, CCTV and more.

Smart Keypad
Programmed keypads allow simple quick access to preset scenes

With the advent of the IoT (Internet of Things) you generally end up with lots of apps. One for lighting. Another for music. Another for heating. Another for CCTV or security. Another to control your TV. Another for the doorbell if someone calls when you are out. We can integrate these apps & more in to a single simple app for your iOS or Android device, as well as on dedicated in-wall or portable touchpanels, keypads or stick remote controls. And this app can work when you at home, at work, on holiday or anywhere – you just need internet access.

Traditional  security alarms are great at what they do: monitor for intrusion when you’re not at home. But they aren’t very flexible or user friendly. How about getting an email with a photo of the movement it’s just detected? Or a system that means you can easily and quickly check, just before you go to sleep, that all the windows are shut, the doors are locked and the gate is closed? How about being able to securely remotely view your home from anywhere in the world? Not forgetting simple things like gate and door entry that is part of your smart home, rather than another separate piece of equipment in the hallway?