Smart Watch Control
Get status updates & control your home from your watch

Traditional alarms are great at what they do: monitor for intrusion when you’re not at home. But they aren’t very flexible or user friendly.

How about getting an email with a photo of the movement it’s just detected? Or check your watch to see if doors and windows are locked or closed?

How about a system that means you can easily and quickly check, just before you go to sleep, that all the windows are shut, the doors are locked and the gate is closed?

How about being able to securely remotely view your home from anywhere in the world?

Not forgetting simple things like gate and door entry that is part of your smart home, rather than another separate piece of equipment in the hallway?

If you already have an alarm, we can integrate with it for peace of mind that the alarm is set when you are out, and that should the worst happen we can automatically turn on all the lighting in your home & activate all CCTV recording.

We can also combine a feed from your smoke alarms / fire alarms to turn on all lighting and mute all TVs and music in the event of a fire.